Catching The Early Show

Once upon a time, there were maybe five channels which could be watched on television. The programming included game shows, soap operas, news programs and my favorite, Classic Hollywood Movies. There was one show that came on at 4’clock in the afternoon.  I had time to get home from school, plop my books on the nearest table, play outside with my friends long enough to feel like a normal elementary school age-girl, and return home again just in time to watch “The Early Show”. My anticipation was both aroused and assuaged when I heard the theme song.

When I heard the “The  Syncopated Clock” I knew that I was about to partake of a delectable feast.

Though many of these movies were made decades before I was born, they were always new to me. It was during those afternoons that I was introduced to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. I could never watch them dance enough. Of course when I watched back then, I didn’t get the fullness of the context, the music and the lyrics were pleasing and watching Fred and Ginger glide, spin and leap as they defied gravity always thrilled me.

It was on The Early Show that I first got to see Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant. These two had a different type of magic. I think it is called chemistry. On the screen, they looked like they belonged together, like they were made for one another. It’s funny because that chemistry was not necessarily sexual; it was their comedic timing, which was amazing. Their voices were like musical instruments, rapidly playing high notes and low notes simultaneously.


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